Sea Surfing Hawaiian Shirt - Bonlax

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color : Blue/White
size : S


Picture yourself standing on a stunning white sandy beach, surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters. A gentle breeze rustles the palm trees as you watch the majestic waves roll onto the shore. Surfers ride the waves with skill and grace, their silhouettes beautifully captured on the shirt's canvas. The bright sun shines down, illuminating the scene with its warmth and radiance. Colorful surfboards dot the coastline, adding an element of excitement and adventure. This shirt captures the exhilarating spirit of the ocean and invites you to experience the thrill of the waves.

· Sea ​​Surfing

· 100% Cotton
· Casual and Breathable
· Relaxed Fit
· Button-Down Collar
· Cool iron only
· Wash by hand with cold water
· Mild soap, no bleach

Care Guide

We recommend washing on cold and laying flat to dry, or use a low temp dryer setting. Drying may result in about 5% shrinkage.

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