Bamboo Panda Pattern Hawaiian Shirt - Bonlax

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color : White/Green
size : S


The image of pandas roaming through a grove of bamboo trees is a serene and picturesque scene. The lush greenery of the bamboo stalks provides a vibrant backdrop for the gentle and playful creatures as they munch on the fresh leaves. The tall, arrow-shaped leaves rustle in the breeze, creating a soothing symphony of sounds that resonates throughout the forest. The pandas move with a graceful ease, their large, rounded ears twitching gently as they explore their surroundings. Their black and white fur stands out distinctly against the green canvas of the bamboo, making them even more adorable and charismatic.

· Bamboo Panda Pattern

· 100% Cotton
· Casual and Breathable
· Relaxed Fit
· Button-Down Collar
· Cool iron only
· Wash by hand with cold water
· Mild soap, no bleach

Care Guide

We recommend washing on cold and laying flat to dry, or use a low temp dryer setting. Drying may result in about 5% shrinkage.

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