Japanese Style Tower & Flower Short Sleeve Shirt - Bonlax

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color : Yellow/Red/White
size : S


This Hawaiian shirt is inspired by camellias and Japanese architecture. The designer has subtly blended these two elements to create a unique and dynamic shirt. Japanese architecture gives the shirt a simple yet elegant style. The cut and lines of the shirt reference the pure beauty of Japanese architecture, making the overall shape look fluid and comfortable.Wearing this shirt, you can feel the beauty of the camellias in full bloom and the tranquility of Japanese architecture, which makes you feel happy and adds a unique charm to summer.

· Tower & Flower Print
· 100% Cotton
· Casual and Breathable
· Relaxed Fit
· Button-Down Collar
· Cool iron only
· Wash by hand with cold water
· Mild soap, no bleach

Care Guide

We recommend washing on cold and laying flat to dry, or use a low temp dryer setting. Drying may result in about 5% shrinkage.

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